Everyone has been affected by the stressful changes triggered by COVID-19. One of the deadliest ways an entrepreneur can sabotage themselves is by letting the stress blind them to new opportunities that change always generates.

Often, business owners are so bummed out about unwanted change that they spend more time being ticked off about it than taking the bull by the horns and doing something profitable with it.

When faced with a new situation like the one we are currently in, does it make you feel trapped, or even filled you with dread? Ask yourself what is causing this feeling, and why. Man up or Woman up, because your real job is to find new, profitable and productive ways to deal with your challenges—to make lemonade out of lemons!

Start looking for new ways to leverage and capitalize on what is happening in the world. What can your products and services do to help people with their problems? That is why you are an entrepreneur. You control your destiny and income—not the outside world, not the economy, and clearly not the pandemic.

Loose The Whiners
If you hang with people who only whine and complain about the current challenges, let me give you a hint: they are influencing you to be a reactor and a victim, which isn’t going to turn out well for you, or your self-confidence, or your bottom line.

James Allen, in his famous book, As a Man Thinketh, says, “Circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him to himself.” All successful entrepreneurs accept and understand that change is part of the business world. If you’re smart, you will scan the landscape of your business and find ways to capitalize and monetize these changes.

Let’s face reality: competition is now stronger than ever in our global economy. Instead of letting change overwhelm you and cause worry, you must become adaptive. Make your own luck by developing new skills and exemplary attitudes. You can never outperform your SELF IMAGE, so make sure it is of the highest order.

Reaching for Greatness
It is said that destiny is the consequence of your daily decisions. The decisions you make in your life, not the circumstances, will make the crucial difference in how you handle the change that is taking place today in the business world. It is empowering to realize that by choosing your response to any circumstance, you powerfully affect your future. By taking responsibility for your life, you control the circumstance and its outcome.

The true test of an individual’s character is when the events around them are not supportive. Sometimes you have to gracefully accept that there are things you cannot change and learn to live with them, even when you don’t like it. By making this powerful choice, you deny the problems of the world any control over you.

You Are in Control
The next time you meet with adversity, temporary defeat, or failure, remember that you may not have control over the revolutionary changes or unpleasant circumstances, but you do have control over your reaction to these circumstances. Exercise this privilege by searching for the seed of opportunity, which is carried in every experience of adversity and sorrow. New opportunities are there, but only if you will allow yourself to be proactive in life, and not let life happen to you.

You must be driven by your values and goals, not by outside circumstances, poverty thinking, or the political agenda of the world.

You do not have to be a victim of circumstance; you make your own environment because you are the creator of your life. That is why you choose to live a life that you design, and not work in a limited-income, mainstream job. Your greatness comes from within, so start today to capitalize on your talents and potential.

The emphasis in your life should be on:

  • developing your vision to see beyond the current situation
  • developing mental control over your emotions
  • feeling your own power
  • assuming responsibility for your future
  • proactively looking for opportunities that are not being capitalized on

I personally love this Ancient Proverb because it sums up true power: “If You Master Yourself, You Can Master Anything.” Your challenge is to enlarge the repertoire of resources you have in order to deal with change and prosper from those changes. You want to move past your old limitations and become conscious of how the effects of your actions create your future.

Dealing with change takes determination, persistence, and courage. Frankly, you must have the right Mindset to capitalize on it. What daily actions are you taking towards an attitude adjustment that will help you handle anything that life throws at you?

Yes, our COVID-19 reality is truly something we have never experienced in our lifetime. We can allow it to best us, or we can find the Pony in the barn full of manure. It is all our own individual choice. MY attitude is: SADDLE UP, WE RIDE!! We will persevere no matter what and thrive.

Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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