How to Effectively Use Your Life Energy


The old saying comes to mind, “it’s not the destination that counts but the journey.”

If you think about it, stress is a by-product of us resisting the flow of life. You have to be your own life manager. You must observe yourself and be aware of how you use your life energy.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you allowing the economy to determine your happiness in life?
  • Are you your worst enemy?
  • Do you talk bad to yourself and beat yourself up?
  • Do you wish life was different and you didn’t spend all your time ticked off that life is not perfect?
  • Do you give yourself permission to be your own best friend?
  • Do you talk yourself down when you are upset?


I thought it would be important to talk about the skill of awareness to know when you are lacking resources and really stressed out.

You cannot fix things in your life you are unwilling to admit to yourself. You must bring balance into your life to live a good life. So here is really the most important question: How you spend your mental energy?

You need to be aware of the unconscious thoughts that rob you of your time and energy and keep you from achieving the success you want; both in your work and in your personal life.

Plus, we want to be mindful with how we use our mental time. What we think about expands. The more you think about what stresses you out or what upsets you, the worse you feel.

The more you think about what is good in your life and work, the better you feel. When you feel better, it goes without saying that you are more equipped to handle problems and more creative with solutions.

Plus, the quality of your life improves on a conscious level. You are the creator of your inner reality. It is your choice what you think about. You must be proactive and not let life happen to you.

I want to introduce the thought of UPGRADING YOUR LIFE.

You know you upgrade your computers, you upgrade your education, you upgrade your cars, etc.

Let’s make a decision to upgrade what we allow in our life with our thoughts and focus.

One of the areas we need to give attention to is allowing ourselves to be preoccupied 24 hours a day with thinking about work or personal problems.

This is just not a good strategy because it means you have a one-track mind, which will leave you no energy to develop other areas of interests or recognize and enjoy the blessings in your life.

If you have nagging thoughts, you’re supporting all that information in your mind, which just like a computer, has only so much room for storage of information; you leave yourself no room for the interests or pleasures you want to experience.

One very effective way to learn to be in control to minimize or even stop energy leaks is to divide your life into compartments. When you’re at work, leave your personal worries at home; you can be assured that they will be there when you get back.

One of the great advantages to leaving your personal problems at home is that it allows you to focus your attention on your work, where it goes without  saying you will be much more productive and less stressed out. Another upside of leaving your personal problems at home is that your mind gets a well-deserved rest.

When you stop actively thinking about your problems, subconsciously your mind has the opportunity to search through its many files of past experiences looking for a workable solution.

Everyone needs down time to allow your thinking processes to actually process and integrate with existing information once you add new information. Plus you have to allow yourself to process information to come to intelligent decisions.

The more you worry and fret over your problems, the less resourceful you will become.

When you’re stuck in the same old mindset you cannot see the other potential opportunities that may exist for solving your problem. By simply letting the problem go for a few hours you actually improve your chances for coming up with new, workable solutions.

The same holds true for any type of problem, personal or business. You need to give your computer, (your mind) the opportunity to offer additional options.  When you refocus on the problem you will be able to analyze it from a different perspective. This new viewpoint allows you to see new strategies to use.

To plug an energy leak at home, give yourself permission to be in the present and let your personal life be separate from your work life. I know you do have to have clear boundaries in your mind about what you focus on.

Give yourself a specific time that you are going to STOP thinking about work.

That may mean you have to leave your office or home office by a certain time.

Promise yourself that after a certain time every night that you will not talk, worry, or think about work.

Please give yourself permission to honor yourself.

Make a commitment to give yourself some down time.

All work and no rest will make you a very crabby person!! You do deserve rest. Trust me I know!

You have to set new rules for your own peace of mind!  Be good to yourself. Life is short so make sure you love yourself enough to do the right things for you, your family, and your business.

In the long run that is all you have.