Deep Down as an Entrepreneur, I crave Freedom more than anything. And just like other entrepreneurs, I don’t like people telling me what to do or controlling my time. I grew up in a “do whatever it takes” lifestyle, living on a Ranch/Farm. We were as independent of others as much as possible.
This kind of upbringing was, of course, a blessing to me and helped establish my foundation to become a successful business owner. Learning to have an Inner Independence helped me assume 100% responsibility for my results, good and bad. This has given me great resiliency and success in our ever-changing realities.
None of us can go back in time to change the programming we got from our family, society, and culture. However, today we can totally rewire our brains to be better decision-makers and take better actions by controlling the data we allow in our brains and who we allow to influence us daily.
Keep these Truths in Mind:
1. Your mind is the engine of your life. YOU have to decide to take charge of the caliber of information you allow in your mind. If you do not, you become a Victim of reality and old thinking, and will not achieve the success you are working so hard to achieve.
2. A great truth of life is that people who run profitable and successful businesses in our world are seriously independent, discerning thinkers. They are the real leaders of their own lives and work at having clear, Laser Beam focus and goals. They create clear workable plans, and have resources like Business Coaches they utilize to get honest feedback about their ideas and challenges. It is imperative to get feedback from a trusted source who has no skin in the game and who can give feedback with a fresh-eyes approach. Serious Independent Entrepreneurs always surround themselves with a committee of Good Council on how to use their resources to get the best profits and results and are open-minded to see a challenge in a new way.
You’ll know someone is mentally Independent by their high daily energy levels. They’re always Learning and taking Action. You, too, can learn to focus your life energy like a Laser Beam. When you do, you’ll attack your projects and goals with a passion that makes other things, like the news and social media, unlikely to distract you.
In other words, you take deliberate actions to become as independent as possible in your life. You listen to your Gut/Intuition and are more present on what is going on around you in life. You follow your own instincts and test new ways of evolving your existing business – creating resources and systems that give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you envision for yourself.
3. A huge distinction of Independent thinkers is they are not fighting change that is happening in the world, but actually figuring out ways to capitalize on the new trends. Truly Independent thinkers do not allow themselves to be easily diverted from their core competencies by shiny objects and different paths.
4. Most people have been trained to observe conditions and react to them. That is victim mentality. If you are observing good conditions you feel good and if you observe bad conditions you feel rotten. There is a problem with letting the outside world determine your inside attitudes because, if you allow your attitude to suffer, your external world will also mirror those thoughts and feelings. Then you lose your focus on taking care of yourself first, and lose sight of your goals. This will generate negative results both in your business and personal lives.
The truth is, no matter what the mainstream media seems to believe, you have no control over the outside world, but you do have control over your thoughts and actions.
5. To sail on as the Captain of your Own Ship, you have to be smart about your inner dialogue. Don’t just sit around bitching and moaning about any downturns. This is Victim behavior. You are not free when you take a Victim Position. You have a personal choice and decision about what you focus on right now. Not everything you do will be successful, but all actions do leave you with results and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. That knowledge will always serve you. You do not fail WHEN you learn.
Love and Success,
Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist
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