Here is some INFORMATION I have never shared publicly – my MILLIONAIRE SMARTS COACHING. This interview was originally intended for just our Millionaire Smarts members, as a Bonus to their normal monthly program materials. But we decided the video’s best use would be to also make it available to everyone outside of the Millionaire Smarts program.

I interviewed James Karl Butler about his new book CLEAR and PRESENT GAME CHANGERS: Strategies to Turnaround & Transform Your Business. In the portion of the interview you see here, we talked about dealing with the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) CRISIS WE ARE FACING and how ENTREPRENEURS need to think, act, and ADAPT.

This information is to help you take back your PERSONAL as well as your Business Power. The video is a GIFT TO YOU and anyone you wish to share it with. You can watch it in the video player below.


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Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist