Do you wake up every morning with a huge to-do list? Do you feel like your summer is galloping away from you at high speed? Do you feel like you’re always behind because you’re burdened with too much to do? Are there people, activities, and commitments that are draining you? We as Entrepreneurs are working a lot this summer.

I know I feel that way sometimes. I have so much going on this year that when even the little things go wrong (like our brand new Fridge breaking for the third time…) it just seems like too much. When this happens, it means that there are too many things taking your life energy. You’re depleted.

Never in history has so much been expected of us as right now. My solution to handling this is to cut away some of the time-sucking activities and energy-draining people.

This means that I’m consciously deciding to RELEASE some old relationships in both business and my personal life that are no longer rewarding and beneficial to me. This will make room for new energy to come into my life. We cannot hold on to that which no longer works and expect new and better things to come into our lives.

To enact on my pledge to myself to really let go of things that do not vitalize me, I took some action. I took some time to look over my Facebook Friends. I removed 693 “friends” from my Face page. If they didn’t have a picture, I deleted them. No mutual friends—gone. If they’ve posted ugly stuff on my page—gone. If I don’t know who they are or why they’re on my page—gone.

I just need to get rid of people who are not really my fans or friends. Who needs this clutter? I still have a lot to go but just with these few I “released,” I feel better. I think many of us think if we appear to have tons of friends on social media, it means we are successful. What it really means is you are being affected by this energy drain.

So this year I am taking tons of action, not just thinking I should do it. I’m actually doing the work of releasing what doesn’t serve me. For example, I also released a staff person who was causing me sleepless nights. I changed vendors who had gone to sleep on the job. I donated tons of stuff that I simply was not using anymore that was taking up way too much space in my life and office. I tore apart some of the routines in my office and asked my staff how we can do things differently. We have dramatically cut our office hours to the public so we can be more productive. We will still be at the office but we’ll spend more hours focused on projects.

How about you? What about a SUMMER purge? Think about the people, things, and activities that take up space in your life. I asked myself “how does it FEEL to have this person’s energy in my space?” If the answer was not a positive one I gently released them and made room for incredible people to enter.

The truth sets you free!!! So what are you willing to give up to make THIS SUMMER a better one for yourself?

Love and Success,


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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