Get Real and Get Out of Your Own Way!

There are times when we think we are doing everything right in regards to business but we just aren’t seeing the reward we are looking for from our hard work.

In those moments we have to take a step back, be real and honest with ourselves and truly evaluate what may be holding our business back.

Sometimes with a bit of distance we will get immediate clarity and know exactly how to correct the problem.

Other times, we might need someone else to evaluate our systems to offer advice and guidance.

When I look at the systems other entrepreneurs like you have in place, I hone in on a few key struggles that are the most likely culprit.

Here are 10 of the most common ones to recognize and avoid:

  1. PROCRASTINATION: If you are always late on completing things, people stop relying on you and soon they start resenting you. And you will stop believing in yourself and your own abilities. Procrastination is about the fear that you are not going to do something perfectly.
  2. GETTING INVOLVED WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE: This is a huge problem today because there are people pretending to be things they are not. There are bad people in the world. If you keep giving them the benefit of the doubt, you will be the one who has to clean up the mess. Once you have seen people’s true colors – would you please believe your own eyes and do the right thing for yourself and your company – remove and distance yourself.
  3. PLAYING IT SAFE: The world is in a rapid state of change. Doing the same old thing over and over again and accepting it to be good enough may not turn out to be so safe after all. Old is out. New is in.
  4. FOCUSING ON WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING WRONG: This is a very demotivating habit. Focusing your energy on what other people are doing wrong only keeps you from being focused on what you should be doing. Put your blinders on. Run your own race. You can only control you. What other people do, unless you sign their paycheck, is really out of your control.
  5. NOT LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES: Successful people don’t make fewer mistakes than unsuccessful people – but, here it is –they repeat fewer mistakes. This problem often happens when we’re in a state of sheer exhaustion. We see the red flags but have no energy to change.
  6. HAVING UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: When you confuse what is unrealistic with what is reasonable, you’re going to set yourself up for failure.
  7. TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYBODY: Let’s face it. You can’t take care of everybody and do a decent job. In attempting to take care of everybody, NOBODY, including yourself, is satisfied.
  8. BEING ENVIOUS OF OTHERS: Think of your team. Teamwork is often ruined when team members envy each other to the extent that they root against each other. This happens in companies all the time. So you got to ask yourself: WHO on your team is sabotaging others? And ask yourself who are YOU envious of? Because it certainly clouds your mind.
  9. LETTING FEAR RUN YOUR LIFE: Whenever we’re paralyzed by rapid technology advances, or refusing to get on board with new marketing advances, new systems, we’re letting fear control us. Let’s face it, the world has changed, it’s not going back to the fax machine, it’s not going back to old things. Fear, remember, means Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real. You’re making it up. It’s your imagination. So don’t let fear run your life.


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