My best friend, Dan Kennedy

As I write this, Dan Kennedy, my best friend in the world, is still with us. He is still in Hospice at this time with complications from diabetes. His time is limited on earth at this point, I am deeply saddened to say. He has been the most influential person in my life.

He has been not only a great mentor but to most of us a stern, but fair, father figure – mentally brilliant with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. On some level from my personal perspective, we’ve thought of him as our Rock, our bullet-proof Leader. He’s pushed us, motivated us, made us laugh, and inspired us to be more successful, not falling into the beliefs and patterns of the rest of the world. Dan has truly been a great man, beloved husband, good friend, advocate for Animals and a protector of the underdog. He has sincerely wanted people to be successful, to make money, and create freedom for themselves.

Dan had two distinct sides to him. He clearly had the rough, kick-your-ass curmudgeon personality which most of us saw in business, but he also had this amazing generosity, kindness, and big heart. He truly rooted for the underdogs and, let’s face it, as entrepreneurs and business owners we don’t have a lot of people looking out for us. But Dan did. He was always there modeling, mentoring and guiding us and keeping it real by making us – at the same time – laugh at it all.

He was always giving us clear paths to follow in this new media fog, full of gurus that know nothing but how to promote themselves. Dan has been the North Star to most of us and was always very transparent about his own life’s challenges – like how he overcame severe stuttering, a difficult childhood, bankruptcy, and alcoholism, to name a few. If you have not read his book MY UNFINISHED BUSINESS, it should be on your list. His teachings encourage us to acknowledge our blessings and to prevail over conflicts.

Dan is an extraordinarily perfect example of how success and respect come from serving others, and that we all need each other to make it in this world. How fulfilled he must feel, knowing he has made such an impact on so many. The pinnacle of purpose and a good and faithful servant.

I do believe Dan Kennedy will be remembered as the Napoleon Hill of our generation – with the exception that he will not die broke. He has single-handedly made more people millionaires than anyone else I know in our world. He has authored over 33 books and countless educational programs and been a tireless promoter of us becoming Renegades in our thinking and actions. We have all benefited from Dan’s teachings in profound ways, not only for business but for our personal lives. He has been our Light in the storms!

There were almost 800 heartfelt LETTERS to Dan about how he personally impacted people’s lives, businesses, and marketing in ways that no one else has. What a very special soul and human being Dan has been to us all! These breathtakingly emotional letters came in through the site, private faxes, and mail to Dan’s Office. Most of these were either read by Dan or read to him by his family.

He was literally flabbergasted that people cared this much about him. I believe these letters enlivened him and extended his life. He said in his 44-year career he had never seen letters like these before. They were beyond testimonials. He and I talked about this outpouring of appreciation and love to him and he was deeply, deeply grateful. “What a gift,” he said to me, “at this point in my life!”

Truth is, Dan Kennedy was a Gift to us. He truly was the Renegade, the hard worker, seer of potential in people who did not even see it in themselves. Dan by nature is very introverted and preferred reading or being with the horses, over being around “Civilians” very long. He could be an extrovert when he wanted, but in his heart he was happier with the horses and his dog. He was a true Animal lover and spent a great deal of time and resources to help animal charities.

I personally want to Thank everyone who took the time to write for what many say was the hardest letter they had ever written. Those letters were the best medical treatment ever.

As for me, Dan took me under his wing many moons ago because he saw something in me that had great potential – just as he took you under his VERY LARGE WINGS. He pushed me, motivated me and believed in me when, frankly, no one else did. He has given me enough tools, inspiration and success-creating strategies to last a lifetime.

I will tell you I have suffered greatly, as many of you who knew Dan no doubt have, at the thought of Dan not being around physically. And I know that is the wrong energy. WE should take our grief and turn it into GRATITUDE. We all have been so blessed to have Dan Kennedy guiding us and actually caring about us for so many years. Of late, Dan has personally told me of the Huge Vault of information and new products that he has stored for just this situation. Dan is a planner and, trust me, there are many new Dan Kennedy lessons for all of us. So the next time you feel sad about Dan, remind yourself his memory is to be cherished and appreciated and to feel GRATEFUL you have had the magnificent Opportunity in your life to be part of his Tribe.

Love to all of you,


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist
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