This is the second part in our Free Yourself from Too Much Stuff series.

Spring is the perfect time of year to focus on getting rid of old things and behaviors that no longer serve us. The truth is, we have too much stuff and it is robbing us of time, money, and life energy.

Simplification brings balance, so let’s talk about how to simplify your life. What is simplification? Some believe that in order to simplify, you have to give up everything and live like a monk on a mountaintop somewhere. But simplification doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all your possessions and the material world. Actually, it simply means removing the clutter: mental, emotional, and physical. It’s about giving up your attachment to things, not the things themselves.

Having too much stuff actually causes stress and confusion. How much time do you spend wading through your stuff trying to find something? All of the junk you don’t really need causes frustration and quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

Now let’s have some fun and play. Keep in mind that you are going to have to prioritize and be honest about your “stuff.” These are the tools you’ll need to start your de-manifesting game. I like to call it The STUFF DIET. You have to be honest about what you really need, really use, and really want to keep hanging around so you can get clear about what’s important in your life and what you really want in life. We create our own clutter, and we are the only ones who can clear it up for ourselves.

Simplification can start with your material world. For example, clean out your garage, your closet, your pantry, office, etc. I recently did a “Stuff Diet” in my home, and my staff and I did the same at my office, and it’s been beneficial for me both personally and professionally.

I’ve found that the more you simplify and organize your life in these ways, the less stress you will experience.

Organization is key here. When you find and implement systems that work for you, you create a much more orderly environment where you are not overwhelmed by all the things you own and all the things you have to do to live your life.

In the upcoming Part 3 of this series, I’ll give you the specifics of how my staff and I did our “Stuff Diet.”

Your new motto:

If it doesn’t serve a purpose, have meaning or monetary value—out it must go!

How about you jump on board this new way of thinking, and simplify your life and work? What can you release to create more room for what you want in life?

Up Next: Part 3 of Free Yourself from Too Much Stuff

Lee Milteer
Performance and Productivity Coach
Millionaire Smarts Coach

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