Most people have no clue that they are at war internally about money.  We were bought up with serious programs that are still in our subconscious minds today.  Think about the sayings around money – we’ve all heard them forever! Money is the root of all evil. Money is the great destroyer.Money cannot buy happiness or peace of mind. Money makes us greedy. Money controls us.  Money is our prison. Money hardens the heart.

These are just a few of the seeds of discord that may have been installed into your mind and are still actively causing you massive pain.  The truth is we are all in a relationship with money whether we want to admit it or not. We fight, we struggle about money and the vicious cycle never seems to cease. But here’s something you must understand. Our beliefs about money determine how much we attract to ourselves and keep. Beliefs create our reality. They influence what we see and they filter out the facts.

Most people believe to the core of their being that they need to struggle, starve, and work hard for a better life.  Frankly these insidious and outdated beliefs keep most people in the dark about money and inhibit them from attracting it into their lives.

What if you could strip away all your old outdated beliefs about money and release all the fear and doubt that now surrounds it?  What if you could actually relax about money?  Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible.  I know this can be done because I am living proof.  I was one of those souls who came to this earth with parents who gave me the worst money advice possible.  Very early on, I knew that I would never be wealthy doing what my parents did and living in their world.

So I worked hard to learn from true masters how to manifest.  I was shocked when I started to learn the secrets of money and that there are actual formulas for money success.  I learned that money is a tool for the soul.  Money is a funnel that directs the broad light of one’s soul into the real and tangible world with amazing consequences. The truth is that money is neutral.  Money is an empty vessel waiting to be filled with our intentions, our mission, our passion and our soul.

And let me state right now that abundance does not and should not just refer to money.  We all want, healthy joy and happiness.  But we also need to understand that money is a tool that can make positive impact in the world.   We all need money and it is just an energy tool.

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Sending love and light

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