Can Finding the Funny Help You Live A Less Stressful Life?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for people to take offense, particularly in these stressful times. During a recent conversation with an insightful individual, I discovered a powerful remedy for coping with the mounting stress and tension in our lives: the ability to find humor in any situation.

Facing Life’s Trials
Our community recently confronted a significant challenge that required two days of diligent preparation at both home and in my office. Thankfully, my home emerged relatively unscathed compared to the state of my office building, visibly reflected in the condition of our office sign out front. Its appearance was far from resembling a flag. Furthermore, a substantial section of our fence bore the brunt of the storm, and some other signs sustained damage. My husband, ever the optimist, noted as we surveyed the aftermath, “Remember when you mentioned updating your office signs? Well, I think recent events have presented the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

Discovering the Bright Side
Admittedly, not everything may seem humorous at first glance when adversity strikes. Yet, if you can find a moment of levity amid the chaos and share a hearty laugh, you can instantly lower your blood pressure and alleviate distress. This holds the key to maintaining your mental equilibrium during life’s trials.

Life is fleeting, especially when we’re weighed down by problems, fears, doubts, and persistent unhappiness. It’s essential to recognize that your emotions are products of your thoughts. To effectively confront life’s stressors, it’s vital to cultivate self-confidence and the ability to poke fun at yourself. Let’s face it; there are numerous circumstances beyond our control. The better your sense of humor, the greater your contentment with yourself and your life. Humor serves as our anchor, preserving our sense of balance.

Recalling Childhood Joy
Consider the carefree days of your childhood; there’s much to learn from children who relish the present moment and embrace life’s absurdity. They engage in activities purely for the joy they bring, unburdened by others’ opinions, and simply for the pleasure of having fun.

Carving Out Time for Fun
Life is too short not to indulge in some fun! Grant yourself the freedom to play once more. Begin the process of lightening up with these recommendations:

  1. Share a joke every day for the next 21 days, even if you don’t fancy yourself a skilled joke-teller. (It can be the same joke shared with 21 different people.) Revel in the delight of making others laugh. With practice, you’ll become a master of the art of storytelling and joke-telling, awakening the inner child within you and spreading joy to those around you.
  2. Enjoy humorous television shows and movies. Life is sufficiently serious without compounding it by immersing yourself in drama, soap operas, and news broadcasts.
  3.  Surround yourself with individuals who exude humor, optimism, and a zest for life.
  4. Imagine yourself as a writer for one of the late-night TV shows renowned for their humor, and actively seek out humor in your surroundings. It’s there, waiting to be discovered.
  5. Rekindle the joy within you by engaging in activities that genuinely bring you happiness. There’s no need to impress anyone; allow your inner child to surface and savor the moment.
  6. Incorporate downtime into your schedule, moments when you can simply follow your heart’s desires (when was the last time you granted yourself this privilege?).
  7. Embrace play in your life. It’s crucial to hit pause on the world and engage in fun activities. Our society longs for play! Why is it so important? Play brings people together, offers respite from the demands of life, and encourages laughter. Research shows that a kindergartner laughs 300 times a day, whereas an adult laughs only 17 times or less. Play is a fundamental human need, alongside air, water, and the five food groups (or six, if you count beer).
  8. Recognize the power of the “off” button. Our increasing dependence on email, smartphones, and tablets for business and communication can take a toll on our well-being.


I challenge you to take a moment to reminisce about the enjoyable activities you once engaged in. Don’t let stress-busting fun slip away due to the demands of achieving goals, earning a living, managing a business, raising a family, and other responsibilities. Take a break and indulge in activities that bring you joy today!