As a seriously abused child growing up, I preferred the company of Animals. I have written about this in two of my books: Reclaim the Magic and Success Is an Inside Job. Animals loved me unconditionally and provided me with a massive amount of comfort during those hard times. This is why, as I have become more successful in life, my favorite charities have always been ANIMAL RECUE organizations. It does my heart good to spend time and money to assist them. This is one of the common bonds that my best friend Dan Kennedy, the FAMOUS marketing guru, and I have in common.

Time to Move
These days, like many of you, I have been forced by current events to examine my business – in particular, my assets and my liabilities. I had contemplated downsizing my office in the past, but now intuitively feel and know it’s time to TAKE ACTION on the idea. So, I put my office up for sale. (That’s some serious downsizing!)

While preparing for the upcoming move, I realized I had an entire room of awesome DAN KENNEDY MATERIALS dating back back to 2005 that would need a new home. I had amassed this treasure trove from my many years of association with Dan as friends, business partners, and event co-speakers. Dan and I cooked up the SWEET idea of raising money for ANINAL RECUE organizations by holding a Dan Kennedy Collection Auction for all this wonderful stuff (some of it quite rare). I also threw in some other Guru bonus materials that would be needing a new home, as well, to sweeten the pot.

ANNOUNCING we have a winner!
We held the auction recently, and Jeff Elliott’s bid of $31,503 took the prize. Jeff received several thousand dollars’ worth of bonus materials, in addition to Dan’s stuff, including Bill Glazer, Ted Nicholas, and Lee Milteer products. Jeff received 9 Boxes that weighted 227 lbs. Meanwhile, I started gleefully WRITING $1,000 CHECKS to many Rescue organizations (see photos).

Jeff says he owns nearly every Dan Kennedy course and wanted to complete his set with anything he was missing – and also contribute to a good cause. Most of the money raised with this auction will be divided up between Dan’s favorite charity in Ohio for Animal Rescue and ones in and around where I live, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Jeff is a licensed CPA in the state of Kansas and runs – a popular CPA Exam study website. He has carved out a niche in the CPA Exam prep space and his program, NINJA CPA Review, has been used by tens of thousands of CPA candidates since 2011 to pass the CPA Exam.

More importantly, Jeff is married to his wife of 18 years and has ten children, two cows, four dogs, 50 goats, and an unknown number of cats on their small Kansas farm. Jeff welcomes everyone to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Everyone Wins Here
Dan and I are thrilled to raise this money, Jeff is thrilled to complete his D.K. collection, and many Animal Rescue Orgs will be thrilled receiving $1,000 or more from me as a result. A real Dream Come True by helping others.

What’s in Your Dream Wallet?
I don’t know what your Current Dream is, but here is one of my BIG SECRETS – I act AS IF Intentions are magnificent manifestors!! I proceed in my actions and focus as IF the Dream I want is going to happen. I don’t wait for it to happen. I TAKE ACTION DAILY to make it happen. This strategy has never failed me and always results in achievement of my Dreams.

Lee Milteer

We are preparing to move, so get ready for our HUGE MOVING SALE of all my educational materials, coming very soon!