Why Do You Keep Wasting Your Own Time & Money?


A few months ago, I had the honor of speaking to a group of Niche Market Business Owners and after we had a mastermind session.

So, the number one question that we dealt with was how to handle the avalanche of responsibilities that occur daily while running a business, and how to create time for yourself and your family.

No matter how seasoned or experienced you are as a business owner it has become difficult to deal with all the new challenges with staff, the ever-changing realities of doing business while making a profit, plus actually having a private life.

Most Business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves daily, where did my time go today?

Time seems to have sped up, and with all the insanity going on in the world and distractions we are getting less done but feel even more tired.

Here we are and its almost spring 2023, yet many of us are off course to all the things that need to be done, reviewed, decided upon, and enacted.

I want to remind you to have what I call the “Skill of Awareness” of who and what is getting your precious time.


You might want to write this down and stick this statement everywhere so you can see it when you work: TIME IS YOUR ONLY CURRENCY.


Wasting Time

You must ask yourself daily:

  1. How am I am using my time?
  2. Who is getting my time?
  3. Does what I am doing have profit or value to it?



Write these questions and others I give you in this report in a journal or notebook. Make an appointment with yourself and take your time to tackle these questions honestly. Please keep in mind that you cannot change or improve anything in your life or business if you stay in denial about it.


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