One of the most difficult lessons for everyone on earth to understand is that you must not take what other people say or do personally. Yes, of course it feels personal!! When people are rude, difficult and trying to take advantage of me I sincerely want to confront them and I often do but only in a way that keeps me safe.
I learned a starling fact from a number of mental health professionals; that 25% or more of the world population is mentally ill. Some people say that up to 40% of the population have mental problems. Clearly there has never been time in history where there is more stress, confusion, anger and polarization of views than right now. I am certainly aware that people are on more drugs (legal and illegal) and dealing with more dysfunctional environments and bad mental programing. Most people feel like victims and have so much pent up anger that they take it out on anyone or anything they can.
Your point of power is to calm yourself down before you confront someone so that you do not personally cause a situation to escalate that may put you in harm’s way. Take a few deep breaths, tap into your intuition and ask yourself a question about what’s happening. What will be the result of me confronting this person right now? Would it be better for me to write a letter to the company or call the boss? The point of this “question” strategy is to pull yourself out of being the victim and allow the higher part of you to gauge the correct action.
Of course we must always be aware of our own ego – no one likes to be treated inappropriately and rudely. And it can become dangerous when you let the ego rule. While confrontation may feel good in the moment, there can be serious consequences – possibly even for your safety. I will tell you that I grew up on a ranch and I am not a shrinking violet! When I get mad I do not feel 5 foot 6 but rather I feel 6 foot 5 and fear no one. My father raised me as a boy and I learned to not only defend myself but to stand up for myself.
Frankly that is all good…but as a person of higher consciousness I know better than to allow that first response to happen. I now stop and ask myself – what is my second response or my third? I have learned that when dealing with unconscious people I must not expect them to act CONSCIOUSLY. Arguing with an unconscious person is a waste of time. They are simply unconscious and do not see life as I see it.
So the bottom line folks is to take a deep breath when dealing with unconscious people and yes speak up at the appropriate times but never take their behavior personally. It is not about you – it is about them. Sure, feel free to call the boss or write the president of the company a letter if you feel like it and then just move on with your life. Don’t let one bad apple ruin your day.