Are You Letting Shiny Objects Distract You?


Let’s get real about the things that distract us and keep us from making our dreams come true.

The number one challenge entrepreneurs face is shiny objects.

These shiny objects are almost sometimes irresistibly attractive because they lure us into thinking that this new thing is the answer to our challenges.

We in general are very creative people so we are open-minded and there are new and better ways to achieve our goals.

After coaching many business owners, I find that after the honeymoon period is over with the new shiny object, they become disenchanted with their results and totally give it up. Sadly, now they have wasted a ton of valuable time and resources.

I always advise people if you are bored with your current work, it is really up to you to find a new product, service or offer to your hard earn existing business so you can keep reaping the rewards of years of effort and time you have already invested.

Shifting your focus off your current business means in the long run it will start to decline due to you taking your eye off the business.

It would be better if you sincerely felt you were done with your current business to build it up and sell it.

Don’t allow yourself to become bored of your current business since there are many ways to reactive your passion and interest in what you are doing now.

Stick to what you know and do best, and you will be more successful in the long run.  Don’t chase shiny objects because as Benjamin Franklin said, “time is money.”

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, had a question he would ask himself, which would keep him on track, clear, and on purpose.

In his commencement address at Stanford University, he revealed that he looked in the mirror every single morning and asked himself: “If I die tonight, will I be glad that I did what I am planning to do today?”

Ask yourself that question daily and if the answer is no, change the plan.

Steve Jobs was obviously a very visionary person, and again, this goes back to being aware of what enlivens you and what depletes you.

For me personally, I ask what I call the Steve Jobs question. It keeps me on track and away from the shiny object challenge!

Not sure where to go from here?

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