We live in a world where red flags are abundant, the real question is, are you ignoring them?

Red Flags is how our minds let us know there’s danger ahead and to proceed with caution.

Red Flags fly when there is dangerous surf at the beach, or when there’s a wreck during a car race.

Just as importantly, we need to proceed with extreme caution when the figurative Red Flags are flying in our personal and business relationships to avoid the wreckage.

I am a recovering Rescuer.

I grew up in a massively dysfunctional and alcoholic family which, of course, programmed me to overlook RED FLAGS to stay sane, since no matter where I looked, they would inevitably be there.

I have to work hard to recognize the red flags of Toxic Narcissists – people who only have an interest or admiration for themselves – so I can end the relationship fast and move on.

The problem is, that from childhood society teaches us to give people the benefit of the doubt and trust in them.

But, when I follow that bad advice I always lose.

Differentiating between the red, yellow and green flags should be our number one focus in our businesses and relationships.

Ignoring the red flags can result in some of the most painful and costly mistakes imaginable.

We all have been guilty of trying to see the good in people, giving them second chances (or third, or 100) when we should have been setting proper boundaries from the start.

If we TRUST without verification, and are not good at reading the “obvious,” we will spend a massive amount of emotional, mental, physical, and financial energy trying to recover.

No doubt you have your own stories how, over and over again, you tried to be the Good person – only to learn that “no good deed goes unpunished” and you end up suffering.

Here are some tips on how you can see and handle with the RED FLAGS in your life:

  1. You have an intuition or instinct system, so use it more often.
  2. When someone uses mental games to try to confuse or manipulate you with their words or actions, acknowledge it for what it is and do not participate!
  3. Start recording these things in their file.
  4. Do a comprehensive review of your notes or files, trust YOURSELF, not the individual you are reviewing and stay ahead of their tactics.
  5. Don’t justify the RED FLAG with, “It was just an off day,” hold them accountable.
  6. Remember that trying to ONLY see the good in people will cost you big time.
  7. Slow down your hiring processes.
  8. Keep in mind, a hiring mistake is very expensive and very damaging to an ENTREPRENEURIAL business. The right employees will be successful, even if they’re in a box, underwater, with their hands tied behind their backs! The wrong employees won’t be successful, no matter how long you spend coaching them or how much money you spend training them.
  9. Respect yourself, your mental health, and the overall health of your business and release an employee who has overstayed their welcome on your dime. You cannot keep paying people who make huge mistakes.


As William Ury said in his book Getting to Yes, “Go slow to go fast.”

Good hiring decisions are deliberate and disciplined.

Follow interviewing best practices by:

  1. Asking behavioral questions and listening keenly for what’s said and not said.
  2. Watching body language for comfort and discomfort during the interview.
  3. Using scenario-based interviews, giving candidates a chance to demonstrate whether or not they can do aspects of the job.
  4. Do a mean reference check.
  5. Most importantly, don’t let an urgent need drive your decision making. Red flags are not to be ignored. “Maybe it will work out,” or “I have some concerns, but we’ll see,” result in Nightmares and Sleepless Nights.


Pay attention when someone else waves the Red Flag that there is a problem in your business.

Don’t just brush it off because you are so tired of dealing with the fires that you can see.

If there is a continued problem with someone’s performance don’t let them CLOUD your mind with excuses, blaming you for not enough training, not enough time, not enough anything.


Be willing to be Proactive right away.

Make plans immediately to replace a problem person.

Painful, yes, but you are just going to have more problems IF you do not make changes.

Figure out what you did wrong hiring them and keeping them.

Look within yourself and make some new, more empowering changes in the future, so you can avoid having to suffer through another bad hire.

BE willing to face the music and be without someone in your business versus the “someone is better than no one” attitude.

Take back your power and remove all people who literally cause you pain or are incompetent.


No matter how nice they are, or if they’re friends or family; if they cannot or will not hold up their end of the bargain, they MUST BE released.

It is not fair to you, your other TEAM Players and your clients, customers or patients to keep the weak link in your chain.

Give yourself PERMISSION that the health of your business is far greater than the needs or ego of others.

I know this may sound harsh but it is the truth.

To the degree you love your business you will be willing to do the hard stuff of releasing what is not working.

After all the ups and downs I encountered in my role as a business woman, I developed a system to help you find, train, and retain the best employees!

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