How to create prosperity regardless of the economy

Are you struggling in Today’s economy …. the soaring price of gasoline, tuition and health care…

Even the wild, unpredictable shortages you’ve seen in your favoriate store…

How is this economy affecting you and your prosperity?

To say nothing is unreal.  We are all afraid of what is going to happen next.

However, I challenge you to open up your mind to the perspective that creating wealth and abundance has a lot more to do with your internal decisions and physical actions than the state of an economy.

Abundance is a mindset, Create Prosperity regardless of the Economy 

You must rise above the popular belief that it is necessary to be controlled by the economy.

Abundance is a mindset, not an external condition that controls your destiny.

There are no limits to what you can create, because you have unlimited resources around you if you’ll acknowledge them.

Simply become the person YOU want to be:  Embody the behaviors, actions, and mindset of the real person you desire to be.

“If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. You are where you are now financially as a sum total of the decisions you’ve made to this point.” By Dave Ramsey

If you don’t plant seeds, there is no harvest

I learned one of natures most important lessons while I was growing up on a farm: there are seasons when you plant and seasons when you harvest.

The reality is, not everything you plant is going to bloom or even survive the weather. You always have to make sure you plant much more than needed. But the biggest lesson I learned is: if you don’t plant seeds, there will be no harvest.

Sam Fisher in Norfolk, Virginia asked: “I graduated from college last year and I still have not found a good job. I have huge student loans to pay back and I am starting to seriously worry. Am I ever going to find a good job? Do you have any advice?”

First, it goes without saying that your real job right now is finding a job. Organize your life daily as if you had a job right now, meaning: Monday through Friday start first thing in the morning and be actively seeking a job. Put in an honest day’s worth of work.

A word of caution here, no matter how challenging things may look: keep your attitude positive so that you can turn things around when given the opportunity. Worrying is truly unproductive.

There’s an old, great saying I love: worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere. When you worry you actually block your thinking, creativity, and productivity.

Change the way you speak about yourself, you will change your life in dramatic ways.

We are self-fulfilling prophecies SO upgrade your language skills to speak to yourself in ways that your subconscious mind will get the programing of who you are becoming.

Beware: if you are not deliberately changing, you are choosing to stay the same.

Be aware of your words, don’t dwell on your failures and financial problems. Instead, talk about what is going on right now in your life that is fantastic. When you meet people and they ask how things are, tell them you’re excited and you’re looking forward to your dreams and vision becoming a reality.

Expressing your enthusiasm adds momentum to your progress, just fake it till you make it! You have to take 100 percent responsibility because you are the creator of your own success.  Check out Milliionaire Smarts Club if you like to manifest your success faster.Success Smarts® Club