Breaking Away from the Past and Doing New Things is not for the Weak Minded or faint of heart.

No matter what you do, someone will find fault, or not find you or what you do valuable. You must just keep getting up daily, sharing your gifts with the world, and KNOW that new people who are aligned with you will connect with you.

Many of your old Tribe–which includes family, old friends, and work associates–often will not like you changing from the person you used to be. Frankly you must be courageous to face the realities that many people from your past have often pegged you in a mental slot and cannot SEE the new you.

Don’t take it personally. Just know it’s time for a new set of connections that now match your new vibrational energy. Your purpose in life is to grow and break away from people and old routines, as well as habits that hold you back from reaching your true potential in life.

When you undertake a new venture and direction, it’s not unusual to find head winds of resistance from those around you who simply do not like change or disruption of the way things used to be. For the last two years I have not only personally experienced the need to upgrade and change my life and business, I have also witnessed all my coaching clients being forced to also pivot and shift to deal with today’s changing realities.

The best advice my own board of directors’ council shared with me for right now is to offer supportive programs for Entrepreneurs and Creative folks, where they can access the information from their own homes.

Many of you have noticed I have created Millionaire Success Smarts® Club.

Not only is this new CLUB affordable, its membership site can be accessed from the comfort of your home, to provide you with the tools, strategies, and up-to-date solutions to existing challenges we all face, both internally and externally.

There is no question, no matter what you do for a living, today’s world requires you to up your game big time, make yourself more accessible, and be of more service to your clients, customers, and patients like never before. Millionaire Success Smarts® Club will help you with all of that! I would love for you to try my introductory offer of only 97¢ to experience a new support system for yourself.

The replay of the very first Live Mastery Training Meeting entitled Reclaim Your Personal Power held in January is still available, archived on the Millionaire Success Smarts® Club membership page. I share proven solutions on:

  • How you can stay focused on your Own Life and Business—no matter what insanity is happening in the world!
  • How to prevent the outside world from hijacking your enthusiasm, creativity, and energy
  • How to be more neutral about external negative events
  • How to deal with things you have no control over

I also answer current Club members’ questions to help everyone deal with today’s new, unprecedented challenges.

So come check out what you can do to help yourself stay sane, more resourceful, and happier during these stressful times at Millionaire Success Smarts® Club.

The ONLY way to make your life more peaceful, profitable, and happier is to shake up your mental routines and expose yourself to new, uplifting information!

MY Very Best to you, and hoping you will take a test drive with the New Millionaire Success Smarts® Club, shifting your perceptions of what is possible!

Here’s to your New Life and New Results,