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Pay Attention to Those Red Flags!

Pay Attention to Those Red Flags!

In 2020 our biggest goal should be to pay attention to RED FLAGS. Actual Red Flags tell you there’s danger ahead and to proceed with caution. Red Flags fly when there is dangerous surf at the beach, or when there’s a wreck during a car race. Just as importantly, we...

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Wrapping Up My 2019 Adventures

In all Candor, I am not sorry to see 2019 end. For the most part, I love to hold POSITIVE energy, but we are all human and have to absorb the impact of serious life situations. This past year has been a real mess for me since my dear friend and business associate Dan...

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Cut Through the BS to Help Entrepreneurs Soar to Success

I hope you are getting ready for the Holidays! I am pleased to share with you a Brand New Resource for Self-Employed and Entrepreneurial Mindset people: Soar to Success Magazine.I was very honored to be on this month’s Cover. You can get the e-publication FREE at...

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Be a Wise Steward of Your Life Energy

As the holidays accelerate toward us, more and more responsibilities appear on our to-do list! If we're not honest with ourselves, we'll put everyone else's needs ahead of our own. Awareness of how much energy we really have to...

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Facebook Threw Me Under the Bus

Well, it appears Facebook has broken up with me. I got this message: Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards. Wow. After 10 years of following their rules, having been an advertiser for...

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Dealing with Haters

You won't ever have fans without also having haters! Sadly, this is a reality of life. Let me tell you about my most recent hater and how I dealt with the situation. As most of you know, my oldest and best friend Dan Kennedy has been in hospice. (Very recently we got...

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From Grief to Gratitude for Dan Kennedy

As I write this, Dan Kennedy, my best friend in the world, is still with us. He is still in Hospice at this time with complications from diabetes. His time is limited on earth at this point, I am deeply saddened to say. He has been the most influential person in my...

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How To Claim Your Inner Independence

Deep Down as an Entrepreneur, I crave Freedom more than anything. And just like other entrepreneurs, I don’t like people telling me what to do or controlling my time. I grew up in a “do whatever it takes” lifestyle, living on a Ranch/Farm. We were as independent of...

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Have More Fun & Less Stress with a Summer Purge

Do you wake up every morning with a huge to-do list? Do you feel like your summer is galloping away from you at high speed? Do you feel like you're always behind because you're burdened with too much to do? Are there people, activities, and commitments that are...

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Unplug From Habits Costing You Money & Time!

Many people are addicted to digital distractions, the Internet, the smartphone, TV, tablets and video games. We don’t want to admit we are addicted but we are. Frankly, it is messing up our ability to communicate with other humans. So many social media friends, yet...

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What I Learned in Hong Kong That You’ll Find Interesting

Thanks, everyone, for your amazing feedback about my travels in Asia! My next stop, Hong Kong, had been on my bucket list to visit. Not too long ago, international travelers had made Hong Kong one of the world’s most visited cities. Now, tourism is down now due to...

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What I Learned in Japan

My recent journey to Asia reinforced in me what a valuable education international travel has to offer. This trip really opened my mind to new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways of looking at my life and business. For example, I learned how the Asian approach to...

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More Jet Lag Help for You

Previously, I told you about my trip from Virginia Beach to spend three weeks in Asia on a business/pleasure excursion, (that's me with my Japanese Coaching Certification students in the photo) and crashed with the worst case of Jet Lag I’ve ever had! Traveling East...

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Jet Lag & What I Learned to Help You

I recently flew from Virginia Beach to spend three weeks in Asia, where I taught a three-day event, and toured four countries. To be honest, I had so prepared for the teaching gig that I was not overwhelmed with Jet Lag when I first arrived. It was after the bear of a...

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Spend Your Physical Energy Currency Wisely

One huge challenge that all entrepreneurs share is staying focused because they wear many hats in the course of providing jobs, services, and products. It's a ton of responsibility, which can be overwhelming. As a productivity and performance coach, I help...

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Here’s a Great Recipe for a Great Life

Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Talk to God about what is going on in your life. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement: "My...

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