Welcome to Gems of Wisdom!  Today I want to talk about something that is SUPER important that I truly believe most of us need to do.

Most of us need to sleep a little bit longer to wake up to a new dream.  Meaning…when you’re unsure about what you want to do in the future – stop taking so much frantic action trying to keep up with everyone else and what they are doing.

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Here’s the truth:  What used to work in our business world to build our businesses (the Media, PR, Client Attraction & Acquisition) is not necessarily working anymore!  There are a lot of people in our world, jumping up in our faces, that just don’t have the credentials and they haven’t been around long enough to create a strong bio of what they’ve ACTUALLY accomplished.  Nowadays, there’s very little “barrier to entry” into the online or small business world and anyone can self-proclaim that they are a successful guru of this or that.  It’s very, very important to not get confused by all of this.   When you’re not sure about what YOU should be doing in your business – you need to give yourself time to dream a new dream.
Let me tell you a little story…
In 2001, as a professional speaker I was earning well over one million dollars a year working for clients like AT&T, Disney, NASA, Ford Global, etc.…  Some of these clients I’d had for over 12 years.  When 9/11 happened in 2001, over a period of 11 days I watched contract after contract collapse.  All of my loyalty to these big corporations over the years was NOT paid back.  I wasn’t the only speaker to lose their contracts – every speaker I knew lost contracts, too.  I lost ALL of my contracts in a short period of time.  It was scary to have no work!  I am a “saver” so I had money to live on, but I had to go back to the drawing board to determine what skills, talents, and abilities I had that I could use, but in a different way in order to stay in business.
That’s today’s focus for the Gems of Wisdom.  You see, you have a lot of skills, talents, and abilities but you also have this paradigm where you only see yourself in this little box. Because you only see yourself in this box – you don’t see all of the other opportunities you have available to you.  That’s what’s so great about being part of a Mastermind group.  You learn to see yourself through other’s perceptions of you – that have no attachment to your current paradigm. Another key here is that sometimes you have to take the time to dream more in order to come up with your new vision.
Now, I am actually going through this myself.  Several years ago, I was nothing but a performance and productivity coach who taught on mindset and heart set.  I love it, loved it, loved it!  I was very interested in manifesting, spirituality, and philosophy and really aimed my business in that direction. After a couple of years in that direction, I realized it was a nice experiment.  I made some money and made new friends but I realized my heart’s not going in that direction anymore. My heart is looking for a new dream.  I can feel it.  It’s like being pregnant. Pregnant with a new dream….a new ME.  My challenge, like yours, is to not push it so hard and so fast that I jump into something that is not fully developed yet.