I have been a lifetime learner for as long as I can remember and it has served me well.  I never try to figure things out on my own.  The first time I went snow skiing I remember my friends all deciding not to take lessons to save money. They all went out on their own… a couple got hurt, and another one got so frustrated she just quit. I decided to take the lessons.  This meant I did not learn any bad habits that I would have to overcome in the future and my progress was much faster.
I see this mentality all the time in business and life.  People think they will save money by not hiring a coach or attending a seminar or some learning classes on how to master a new skill.
Realistically this is not a resourceful strategy.  In the long run it will cost you more money and set you up for frustration and failure. I remember reading the famous book “ Think and Grow Rich “ by Napoleon Hill in my teen years and knowing then that I needed to “hang around” people who knew how to get wealthy…especially since my family were seriously into “poverty thinking”. They certainly were not going to give me any “insider knowledge’ about leveraging my talents to become successful.  My mother’s fav saying was: “If our boat comes in—we will be at the bus station.”  Then she would laugh.  Her programing was very strong – it was always the “other” people that would get the lucky breaks and big money.  Sadly she was a self-fulfilling prophecy and our family would always struggle for money.
As I have shared before I became very determined to become wealthy because for me wealth meant freedom.  My highest priority has always been and still is autonomy, and when you have money you are free – not trapped  in jobs, relationships or situations.
I became a student of prosperity!
I have spent my life reading every book, going to every seminar and finding coaches on manifesting prosperity. How about you?  This saved me years of time building my wealth base, and I’m happy to report that I am totally debt free, which I credit to this intense search and study throughout my life.   I align myself with other successful people who are also intense learners of the universal wisdoms and secrets to creating real wealth.  Remember wealth is not just all money – it’s also about using your natural talents to create a balanced, happy and healthy life.
Every dime and time I have invested in myself has come back to me 1000 fold.  What you focus on becomes stronger.  Instead of allowing my old programing and family beliefs hinder my progress, I broke out of the mold and ventured into new territories of learning and associations that literally propelled me into a new world of wealth.  I would love to share this information with you!
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Love and Magic to you