It appears our lives have been taken over by the “Virus” and New Rules about the way we live and conduct business. It’s become clear that these challenges are not going away overnight. So, we need to develop some new skills and new strategies for navigating these New Rules if we want to stay effective and sane. By reframing what is going on in our lives, pivoting where necessary, we can start to take back our true power. But first you must begin Believing in Yourself and your abilities again, no matter what is happening in the outside world. A big part of our challenge right now is discerning what is true and what is not true. So many of the “facts” change daily and, frankly, I am not sure what to believe. But what I must believe is my own intuition and my own instincts.

Better Choices Start Today
From childhood, we’ve been taught to do what authority figures tell us to do. We have been programmed that other people are smarter, wiser, and have more experience. We’ve been warned about the disastrous results that might happen if the rules aren’t followed. The bottom line is that we’ve been taught to give our power away and not trust our own judgment or truly believe in ourselves. Perhaps you’ve forgotten your power to listen to the deepest part of yourself – your real needs, your desires, your gut instincts – and you’ve begun to make choices that are no longer satisfying. The good news is that your point of power is this minute in time. The decisions you make and act on from this day forward will determine your future and success. One of the first things you must do is start to be aware of how YOU are programming your future. Remember the old saying: Garbage in Garbage OUT? What is your internal self-talk saying? Since we are self-fulfilling prophecies, we must be diligent to not allow our self-talk to take us into fear and panic. Are you programming yourself to fail, and allowing fear or outside events rule your future?

I sincerely want to warn you NOT to allow yourself to go into a Victim role with your self-talk, since that means you are internally labeling yourself. The way you label yourself and think about yourself with your self-talk will determine how you make decisions about critical issues in business, as well as in life. We all have unproductive self-talk or old mindsets that keep us from using our potential effectively. If your self-talk reinforces your fears and doubts, it keeps you stuck in confusion. That makes it almost impossible for you to find the new solutions needed to adapt to the current reality. Think of it like this: giving yourself negative labels only makes unproductive behaviors stronger. It’s like having someone whispering bad things in your ear about your ability to be successful. Only that someone is YOU!

Are You Fat?
Some people label themselves with things like: I am fat. I am a smoker. I am a nervous person. I have a bad temper. I am always late. I am not a risk taker. I am not good at public speaking. I am not good at marketing. I am a bad speller. I am lazy. I am not organized. I am not good at hiring people. I am not good at _________ (now you fill in the blank with how you are programming yourself to fail).
All these kinds of statements are negative reinforcements that only create an ugly picture of yourself struggling with unproductive behaviors or bad habits, instead of creating the beautiful new image of You in your beautiful new life.

We were not taught that we are a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the truth is we are. In other words, what you say and think about yourself does come true. It is as if we unconsciously believe that we can say negative things about ourselves, and those negative thoughts will have no effect on us or our future. But the truth is all those thoughts, self-talk, and labels keep us stuck with old behavior patterns.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that you are now the sum total of all the programming you have accepted from others and yourself. The result is that all those past images, thoughts, and programming will influence your attitudes and every action you take today. If you do not take personal responsibility for the nurturing, caring, and feeding of your own mind, you will be manipulated and controlled by past programming and your current environment. If you’re like most people, that is going to cost you time, self-esteem, confidence, money, success, and peace of mind.

So don’t be like most people!
You have the power to train your mind to choose what you think instead of allowing random thoughts to hold you hostage. Your goal is to become inner-directed and focused so that you decide what you want to think, rather than have your thoughts and emotions determined by the world around you. The untrained mind has more emotional ups and downs because it is reacting to random thoughts. Focus on what you want with joy and enthusiasm. Remember, just like the earth, your brain does not discern what you plant. It will work just as hard to grow weeds as it will to grow beautiful flowers. You determine the seeds that are planted by what you say to yourself over and over.

Do yourself a favor right now. Starting now, for 30 days jot down all the negative things you catch yourself saying or believing about yourself, either in a little notebook or tell Siri or Alexa to “make a note.” When it’s time to review all the notes ask yourself: are you hurting your own chances for success with your self-talk? Don’t put this self-survey off. It’s your chance to reclaim the power of your subconscious, to restore your Belief in Yourself, and improve your chances for massive success.


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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