Not so very long ago the general population thought that once you had completed college or trade school you were done with learning. People who believe they are already educated and can rely on their past achievements, can’t meet today’s challenges. They will lose their careers to intense global competition and new technology. Anyone who expects to keep up today must be devoted to lifelong learning.

There’s no such thing as job security, but you can have employment security by developing a wide range of skills through job-sponsored opportunities, and other career-related channels. The more you learn, the more valuable you’ll be to current or future employers. Scott DeGarmo, editor of Success magazine said, “The strength of an individual is based on his possessing a scarce resource; general knowledge that can be quickly adapted to new circumstances. Education must be an ongoing process with much acquired via journalistic sources.”

An important point to consider is that if you box yourself into a company with just one career or one vision, what happens to you if that company perishes? The same concept applies to relationships; if you depend on another person to take care of you and support you, what happens if suddenly that support system is no longer there?

Victims learn too late. It is never wise to depend on the company, the boss or another person to take care of you. According to Charles Garfield, author of the book Peak Performers, “People now must expect to learn new jobs, two or three times in their lives.” This is because change is happening so fast that our past skills and knowledge can no longer support us for a lifetime. If we do not learn new skills, we have no way of achieving upward mobility or any personal security.

Our real source of wealth in life is the information, knowledge, and energy we have inside of us for taking action. We must make new choices by learning, training, experimentation, and integration of new information.

When you have a clear and compelling view of the benefits of learning, you will strongly influence your own future and the attitudes of the people around you. New training will open up your mind for creative ways to enhance your life and prosperity. Think of your mind like a parachute, it only works when opened!

Check out how other successful people fit learning new skills into their already over-budgeted life.

One option used by all successful peak performers is utilizing “dead time.” On an average week, you spend over seven hours commuting to and from work and taking care of personal errands. Why not invest in audio learning CDs? When I use the word “invest,” I mean just that. The few dollars you invest in learning the many skills you need to get ahead in today’s world will give you an edge in the ability to see new opportunities.

There are so many subjects available to learn about; time and stress management, negotiation skills, leadership and management, relationships, and even parenting skills that would give you new options and new choices. Today’s opportunities for growth and expansion through self-education are incredibly varied. There are hundreds of professional seminars, corporate in-house training workshops, college extension courses, video and audio learning cassettes, and a multitude of resourceful books for you to choose from. It’s important that you take advantage of these resources if you want to be successful — don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The new knowledge you gain now will make the difference in your future; from your advancement potential to the way you cope daily with your life and family.

Adult learning has been revolutionized like almost everything else in your life. Even if you hated being a student before, you now have the power to choose what you’re interested in and wish to learn. This new type of mindset will result in an entirely new set of values and resources. Everything you learn can be used in some way — all of your skills are transferable. When you change your view of who you are and what you are capable of learning, you change your destiny. You are no longer merely reacting to the present, you are creating your upcoming future by anticipating your learning needs. Adapting your skills to those needs and taking action by following through with this type of behavior gives you the power to deal with whatever changes you encounter.

Best To You,
Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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