If you’re suffering from Decision Fatigue, you are not alone. Like so many of us, the massive changes in today’s world are making you rethink so many aspects of your life which inevitably require you to make new, often difficult decisions. Talk about an energy drain!

It begs the question, “Are you as resilient in your life and business as you need to be?”

How do you know? If you have strong resilience, you can make decisions and adapt to the imposing changes happening in every aspect of your world (like economy, government, medical, climate). If you’re resilience-challenged, you’re finding it difficult to make the decisions and adjustments necessary to cope.

Adaptability, even for resilient folks, is made even tougher by this little factoid I recently discovered: 80% of the world’s population is unable to say “No” to authorities! This sincerely concerned me because people like you and me need to work with this inflexible majority. That means we need different sources of information, inspiration, and solutions to deal with most people we interact with.

Plus, you need to make sure you are not just drawing from your well of life energy but adding to your energy resources daily. You don’t want your Resiliency Tank to run dry while you’re ADAPTING to changes in every aspect of your life and work.

Look. The world is not going back to “normal,” whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. Life isn’t going to stop throwing serious new challenges at you. As an entrepreneur, you must face and conquer all of them. Clearly, the Government, Medical Care, Educational Institutions, and Authorities will not be saving you!

Not long ago, I was feeling Decision Fatigue big time.  Life had thrown an ugly business challenge a me, so I took a short sabbatical to reset my compass, focus on what I loved doing, and drop anything that no longer brought me joy.

I knew I loved helping businesses and coaches by providing them important information from my wheelhouse on human mindset, conditioning, and attitudes.

So, I got to work developing a new service, with help from my staff, mentors, and trusted advisors. On Jan. 1, 2022, I proudly launched the MILLIONAIRE SMARTS® CLUB (https://milteer.com/millionaire-smarts-club/).

I’d love for you to check it out, so I’m offering you the Inaugural Month of MILLIONAIRE SMARTS® CLUB for only 97¢.

Featured this month on the Club’s private membership site is my meaty, Covid-Era-defying interview with Dan Kennedy and Dr. David Phelps about their new book OWN YOUR FREEDOM Sustainable Wealth for a Volatile World.
But that’s not all you get when you join…
When you have the Club, you’ll also have

Daily Motivation & Inspiration

to start your day off right! This brief, impactful, early morning email from me will help you focus on your intentions for the day—a delightful way to best utilize your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Energies from Monday to Friday every week.

Current Club members are already telling me they really look forward to receiving these uplifting and helpful messages! And you’ll also learn…

from me at the Live


with Q & A

As a Club member, you’ll be invited to attend this Live Training on the 4th Wednesday of every month, 4-5pm EST, in our Success Auditorium (aka Zoom room!).


You don’t want to miss this first, Live Mastery Training Meeting. I will be sharing proven solutions on:

  • How you can stay focused on your Own Life and Business—no matter what insanity is happening in the world!
  • How to prevent the outside world from hijacking your enthusiasm, creativity, and energy
  • How to be more neutral about external negative events
  • How to deal with things you have no control over

Reclaim Your Personal Power is the title of our first, live meeting Thursday, January 27, 2022, from 4 to 5pm.

Please join me and the Millionaire Smarts® Club community to take back your personal power, take back control of your future, and your peace of mind.

After the meeting, there’s even more amazing Club resources waiting for you from our illustrious team of Millionaire Smarts® Faculty Coaches! On the Club’s membership page, you’ll find entrepreneur-friendly topics every month covering Marketing, Mindset, PR, Direct Mail, Motivation, Customer Service, Leadership, and much more. This is stuff you can really use!

So, you have a choice right now.

You can invest in Millionaire Success Smarts® Club to get the tools you’ll need to enjoy the greatest rewards you can imagine—extraordinary levels of success, an amazing lifestyle, the business of your dreams, financial freedom, peace of mind, and being part of a Free-Thinking Community of like-minded folks.

Or you can stay in the reality you are now living—and if you’re currently stuck, you really need to get un-stuck! Giving Millionaire Smarts® Club a try is the most proactive, least expensive way (97¢!) to do that. If you are not happy with the Club and the community we are forming, you simply cancel! (This 97¢ introductory offer is good till Jan. 31, 2022.)

I sincerely invite you to join Millionaire Success Smarts® Club right now. Break away from what is not working, get inspired again, find your soul’s calling, and delight your clients, customers, and patients with your over-the-top service. It is my mission in life to help you thrive and live your highest and best lifestyle possible. Begin today to enjoy a brand-new reality of unlimited success with the Millionaire Smarts® Club!

Your Millionaire Success Smarts® Club Membership

Includes Monthly private access to your Millionaire Success Smarts® Club Membership Site!

Each month, Millionaire Success Smarts® Club members receive an email with the access code to the site.
At the site, you’ll learn powerful, money-making entrepreneurial secrets and strategies from my exciting, sometimes surprising, interviews with today’s biggest and brightest Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurial Celebrity Authors, & Experts via:
  • The video and downloadable MP3 recording of each Thought Leader’s Interview
  • The downloadable transcript of each Monthly Interview
  • Four excerpts from the monthly Thought Leader’s book (in downloadable Report form)
  • Six reports from the illustrious Millionaire Smarts® Faculty Coaches on topics that cover Marketing, Mindset, PR, Direct Mail, Motivation, Customer Service, Leadership, and much more

Introductory Offer!

2 Ways to Pay:

$97/month or $1,067.97/year

Purchase between Jan. 1 & Jan. 31, 2022, & get the January 2022 program for 97¢!

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