Time Is Your Most Valuable Commodity!


Everyone who is an entrepreneur, business owner, or a professional must remind themselves daily that we are ALL actually sales people; no matter what label we put on ourselves.

When we are taking our time to sell our knowledge, skills, services, and products.

I want you to know up front that I am going to be blunt and tough about how we use our time.

Most of us don’t use our time to the best of our ability.

If your business is not where you want it to be, making the money you want to make for your efforts, or if you are not finding you have enough time off for fun and relaxation, then you need to face the reality that you are not in time integrity with yourself.



“But why are you telling me all of this Lee?!”

Well, the reason I am sharing this definition is because most people that are self-employed think, they have time problems.

The truth is, most self-employed people have personal integrity problems.

We all have time issues with honoring ourselves, family, business, and personal health.

So, if we don’t control our time everyone around us will control it and use it for their own purposes.

If we don’t make some changes in the way we see and use our time, it will slip away and will be used by everyone around us and on things that are not serving us.

You must decide WHO is in charge of your life.

You are in charge and God help you if you are not!

Face reality: it’s your life and time.

So, make today the day you GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to really start to take control of your time and schedule it out into productive, profitable, and enjoyable time blocks that are within your control.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to not give away your power to old programs from people who don’t control your destiny.

Reclaim your integrity with yourself!

Are you still struggling to find that healthy balance between work and home life?

Are you still letting others control your schedule?

This is a common struggle, but just like you would get a personal trainer when you can’t master a skill at the gym, sometimes you have to reach out for support!

Lee Milteer’s Success Smarts Club is the perfect resource for business owners and entrepreneurs alike who just need a little bit more guidance!

Instead of workout or meal plans, the Success Smarts Club helps you build a roadmap for success and can help you find that perfect balance!

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Start taking control of your life and maximizing your profits!

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