Why is it so important to STOP telling white lies

to avoid conflict and confrontation?


The problem today is that most people will abandon their own personal truth to avoid conflict and confrontation.

As kids we were taught always to tell the truth and that honesty was the best policy.

Then, kids have to watch adults lie and get away with it all the time; on television, in the movies, and in real life!

As a result, from when we are really young we learn to tell white lies to avoid hurting someone’s feeling and to avoid punishments.

The fear of repercussion causes us to choose to people please, even when this can cause us harm.


We are taught to do WHATEVER it takes to avoid that conflict and confrontation!


More often than not, the truth only gets told when it is to our advantage to share it.

Think about how truth is played out in the media even; if it doesn’t paint someone in a positive light it is often withheld.

While we want so badly to be considered honest people, we sometimes don’t live up to what it takes to truly be honest being in order to meet society’s expectations of us.

Other times, we stretch the truth to make someone feel more comfortable, including ourselves, or just to complete a business deal.


When are these white lies to avoid conflict okay?

The answer is, they aren’t.

Each lie we tell blurs our moral and ethical lines; it strips us a little more of who we are and who we want to be.

When we lose our morals and ethics, which make up our own personal truth, we actually lose the essence of ourselves.

And even worst, we lose our integrity with ourselves… and if you cannot trust yourself, who really can you trust?

If you continue to lower yourself to other peoples lying standards you will constantly face a roadblock keeping you from finding happiness or success.

It’s important for you to know and speak your own truth, and to do so from the perspective of always promoting harmony.


And I don’t mean that false sense of harmony you get by telling those white lies.


Remember, even bad news can be delivered with kindness and consideration for the listener.

Also, life is too short not to become truly who you are and act only from what you truly believe.


Quit wasting time and avoiding the truth simply to postpone conflict, because you can never truly avoid it with a lie!
All you do it postpone the moment the truth comes out.

Plus, as Mark Twain once said….

Mark Twain Avoiding Conflict

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” -Mark Twain


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