Are You Demanding More Respect Than You Give Yourself?


I just ran across some photos of Dan Kennedy and I with his horses. He arranged for one of my dreams to come true and let me drive a real racehorse on a real racetrack!

When Dan offered to make it happen as part of my Christmas gift, I certainly created the space and time for some fun to nurture myself!

I think many of us forget that if you don’t schedule some fun time and down times that you will find yourself one grumpy entrepreneur.

Plus, you begin to start waking up wondering: “is this all there is”?

Being a business owner is not just about work; it’s also about knowing how to balance your life.

If you are having time issues, you are really having integrity issues with respecting yourself and your business.

The usage of your time is a HUGE issue because if you don’t control your time, everyone around you will control it: your clients, customers, patients, staff, friends, vendors, and anyone who can, will grab it and use it for their own purposes.

I urge you to examine your self-worth.



This is your life and your business, why are you not guarding your most precious resource for success and financial security; your time?

One of the things I want everyone to do is to make some new and possibly hard decisions, because to utilize your time currency you have to actually get tough, and trade being liked for being respected. (Hey, if you don’t respect you who will?)

It all starts with the decision you make about how you’re going to do business and how people are going to do business with you.

Today is a good time to get real and tough about how you spend your currency of time so you can stop being in denial about your time expenditures.

You must get real about who and what gets your time, talents, skills, resources, and life energy.


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