For Many Years I Had No Idea I Was An Empath.


I knew I was sensitive and could discern others feelings but I didn’t have term for it.

Often, I would feel just fine and suddenly realize that my mood had shifted to something that did not feel like me when I was in large crowds.

Or, in large groups of people I might cycle through a few different feelings.

I had no idea I was picking up the energy of others!

After speaking I might notice feeling sad, or depressed for no reasons I could pin point.

Finally, I learned that I was very sensitive to the energy of the people around me.

With this realization came a new set of challenges.

Now, I had to learn to protect myself!

I began researching what being an Empath meant.


The dictionary describes:
Empath- (noun) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

As an empath you are highly sensitive to and feel/absorb other people’s emotions, and even sometimes physical symptoms.

You tend to filter the world through your intuition and, as a result, may have a harder time intellectualizing your feelings.

Empaths become more easily overwhelmed with feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Due to these overwhelming emotions, an empath may struggle with binge eating, shopping, drug use, or other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

You want to do ANYTHING to feel in control and get relief!

While being an empath can be difficult, it does have it’s own set of positive attributes as well.

Empaths have notoriously huge hearts, are great support system for others, are far more intuitive, and can sense things other just simply can’t.

You have have learn to harness the Power that comes with being an Empath.

And here is how!

Empaths Reclaim Your Magic!

Your Point of Power:

Rules to Remember to Keep yourself Balanced.

  1. Be Aware you are highly sensitive: Since you are so highly attuned to other people’s moods, and energy level refrain from being around unconscious and insensitive people as much as you can. Since your feelings can get hurt very easily just accept reality that there are certain people who have NO sensitivity, self-centered and don’t care how you feel. Your job is to observe who is literally NOT GOOD for you and remove yourself as fast as possible.
  2. Many Empaths are Introverted. Stay away from large crowds, parties, events which can amplify your empathy in a negative way. Give yourself a time limit when in large groups and plan in advance when you are going to depart and how that is going to happen to protect yourself. Don’t accept invitations that you know will throw your energy off.
  3. Empaths Need Time Alone. Since most Empaths are super responders, they can find being around people too long is draining. Schedule time alone daily even if that mean walking alone in nature or time for mediation. Stop being all things to all people! Take your own car when you meet people so you are free to leave on your own schedule. When in large groups such as seminars take regular mini breaks. Even a brief escape prevents emotional overloads.
  4. Empaths are targets for energy vampires so being an empath can be a curse it feels. However once you KNOW that your sensitivity makes you easy marks for energy vampires who anger and rage can destroy your peace of mind again be proactive. There is no law you have to give these people your time or ear! Be so busy with your own life and projects you simply say NO. Don’t let anyone live in your head RENT FREE! Plus be very aware of the dangerous narcissists who lack empathy and are always ONLY concerned with their own agenda. These narcissist often are so manipulating that they try to make empaths believe they’re unworthy and unlovable. (Don’t buy that and remove yourself from these poison people now!!)
  5. Empaths have highly tuned senses. So once you are in a situation where your nerves are frayed by excessive noise or talking, overwhelming smells you must take this AWARENESS and remove yourself as soon as possible or simply refuse to expose yourself to those environments. For example, I avoid bars, gambling casinos, huge crowds for outside events because I know I will be miserable, so I say NO in advance.
  6. Empaths are very effected by negative News; for next 30 days simply cut off reading newspapers, negative news mags, and all News. I cut back on social media from all the political hate mongering.
  7. Empaths can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Truth is too much togetherness can be really challenging for us! Many get engulfed and lose their identity. Important to carve out alone time for yourself to make relationships work. I have to even let office staff go if they can not control their own emotions and spew negative thoughts or anger and be positive around me. I have to be on guard who and who is around me for my own peace of mind.
  8. Empaths have huge hearts and often Sacrifice themselves to help others. As an empath, I use all the strategies I am sharing with you. I set fierce time management boundaries with draining people,. (See my product: Time Vampires)


The way I harness the power of being an empath is through daily prayer, meditation, spending time in nature and with my Animal companions.

These things help me to stay calm and keep centered!

Once you are aware that you are blessed to be an empath, the most important thing is to take responsibility to protect yourself!

You MUST have boundaries and the courage to step out of situations that overwhelm you and are not beneficial.

YOU are in charge of your own health, wealth, and well being!

Don’t allow energy vampires to prey on your natural gifts.

Best to you!

Lee Milteer