I have spent my life collecting the knowledge I would need to help me build a successful future.

This meant attending group teachings, seeking out resources on my own, and the good ol’ fashioned trial and error when all else failed.

Now, I have centered my life becoming a resource of knowledge for others who are coming up in the world in hopes of helping them limit the need for the error part of trial and error.

Along this path I have found one huge secret that has served me well through the years, and has helped me surpass most of the others in my profession.

I call this ritual, IDEA DAY.

I have written about Idea Day and taught it in my Mastermind groups, my Success Smarts Club, and in personal coaching sessions.

Not only has it changed the way I work, but this Idea Day concept has allowed me to leap past old limitations and produce work that has afforded me the lifestyle I strived for.

I promise if you follow these Idea Day rules once a month, your ability to manifest will surpass anything you have ever imagined possible.

Rules of “Idea Day” for Manifesting

1.You are to honor this appointment with yourself once a month. Have integrity with yourself – No Excuses! Put it on your calendar.

2. Create an Idea Box. Prior to the appointed time for your Idea Day, put newsletters you want to read, important books that you mean to get around to reading (but simply keep putting off because of no clear scheduled time) into the box.

Maybe there is an educational CD or DVD you have invested in that is still in its cellophane wrapper or on a shelf that you have not started but still want to learn. You get the idea. Start collecting materials that you have wanted to study but simply have never given yourself permission to take the time to do.

Have the skill of awareness and determine what it is that is important for you to study and learn on your Idea Day. Use discernment about what goes into your mind so that you are able to come up with a BIG IDEA.

3. Find a place you can go where there is no access to e-mails, cell phones, or interruptions! Schedule from 9 to 5 PM and bring your lunch and snacks with you – there can be no reason or excuse for leaving your place of learning. Keep in mind that you are looking for a BIG IDEA.

4. As you are going through the material you have selected, remain aware that you are LOOKING for ideas that will make you money; ideas to make your business go to the next level, ideas to balance your life, ideas to market your business better!

5. Keep in mind that once you have the ideas, you need to find ways to IMPLEMENT them. Write down what you need to do.

6. Keep a notebook and record all of your ideas. Create a time line and a goal for manifesting your NEW Ideas.

7. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my BIG IDEA?
  • Who do I need to delegate things to?
  • Who is on my team?
  • Who can assist me in reaching this new goal?
  • What do I need to do first?
  • What is my plan to stay on target to bring this new idea to fulfillment?
  • Where will I find support?


WARNING:  Be ready to FEEL like a fish out of water.

Once you get to the selected place for your “Idea Day” it may feel very strange to be alone in the quiet.

We all allow ourselves to be somewhat consumed day in and day out with busy work and checking emails, answering our phone and allowing others to interrupt us.

Sometimes, so much so that we may not even know what it feels like to have a true quiet time learning experience.

I will promise you that if you honor yourself and do this once a month, with NO excuses, there are some immediate things that will happen.

  • You will feel good about actually doing some productive work that will lead to improving your life and business.
  • Second, you will seed your mind with new thoughts, actions, and examples of how to make your business bigger and better.

If you find yourself struggling with continued blocks in your productivity, and can not seem to find the breakthrough Big Idea it may be time to look for additional help.

There is so much strength in knowing when you have to ask for guidance and help!

If you find yourself in this space and you are still at a standstill, give yourself the grace and reach out for assistance versus drowning in the quicksand of unproductivity.

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