Confession!  I had honestly wanted to do this upcoming ART Retreat for years but I put it off …always giving in to the other things competing for my time. When it popped up on my radar again this year, I knew that the only way to get myself there was to make a personal commitment – and that is exactly what I did.
And you have to this too.  Whatever you are thinking about doing right now that will propel your forward in your career or give you that much needed boost or personal time – I urge you to make a decision, take action and go forth.  Life will go on.
So in spite of the fact that this art retreat falls right in the middle of a very busy speaking and travel time period…I will be there.  Yes, I had to have a talk with myself for sure – but deep down I knew that I would go this time because not doing so would mean not putting myself first. It would mean NOT HONORING MYSELF.
One of the important rules of manifesting is to take care of yourself first.  Growing up poor I had other programing – it was to take care of everyone but myself first.  It took many years to get to where I am now – super conscious of my time, who gets it, how to leverage it and use it for my goals.  If you want to be truly wealthy and have the freedom that comes with it, as I do, then you must treat your body, mind, spirit and money with great honor and respect.
Personally, I attend spiritual, artistic and some left-brained business retreats a few times a year just to stay sane, be on the top of my game and nurture my creative flows. So this year I made the Art retreat happen by shifting a few things around and calling in a few favors that were due me.  I had a meeting with my team and asked them to help me make this trip happen. We often overestimate the importance of things just because they are on our schedule when they can easily be moved.
I always ask myself…who is writing this life story about Lee Milteer?  Well, it damn well better be me!  Why do we so easily sacrifice our wants and needs to accommodate others, who frankly would not do the same for us???
One final confession today.  I am a recovering “Pleaser”.  After years of trying to win the love of my family, neighbors and others by trading my needs for their approval and love, I came to the painful realization that none of it mattered or made a difference. I learned the hard way that no one was going to take care of me…except me.
So until I talk at you next week I hope all this has started you thinking about taking care of yourself first.  It’s not selfish at all – it’s a life requirement. 
And if my Vision Quest For Wealth Creation in Sedona, June 20-23, 2016 sounds promising and exciting (it will blow your mind and increase your net worth dramatically) then I urge you to get your application in today.  The clock is ticking and only a few spots left as of this morning.
Magic and Love to you!
P.S On face book there are two pictures of my artwork from a couple of weeks ago…check it out!