We have been programmed to be logical and analytical in our thinking to the point that we have almost forgotten the intuitive, creative part that lies within us – our feelings. Since yesterday’s programming or ideas cannot solve all of today’s challenges or allow us to capitalize on new opportunities, we must create our own destinies by learning to listen to our inner selves and by using our inborn talents more effectively.
One of the biggest secrets of life is that you must feel successful before you can create it in your outer world. Our emotions create our behaviors; our behaviors create our results and success. Our lives are therefore driven by our emotions and how we feel about ourselves…. and the world.
After years of being a business coach and professional speaker presenting seminars around the world, I have observed that you can give people all the proven external techniques and strategies to succeed in any subject, but if they don’t feel they can do something… they won’t. We are self-fulfilling prophecies. Our feelings determine what we aspire to be and what we can accomplish in life. Our feelings determine how many calculated risks we will take and how confident we are in any endeavor. Depending only on our thinking abilities leaves us lacking in motivation, passion, and excitement. Without the essential ingredients of feeling powerful, we will not muster the necessary energy to inspire ourselves to go for our dreams and goals.
Life in today’s world holds an infinite number of possibilities for you to apply your talents in ways you may never have dreamed of. But first, you have to know you have the power to write your own life script.
Many people from around the world write to me and ask how they can break away from the old limiting views of life that they have been programed to believe are true. The answer is to learn the secrets of taking charge of your future and enlarging the repertoire of the resources you have to nurture the inner creator. That’s one of the reasons I created my upcoming retreat: Magic, Mystery and Ritual – A Vision Quest with Lee Milteer – to assist you in becoming more proactive in life and not just letting life happen to you.
So you might be thinking: What’s different about this Sedona Full Moon retreat?
Attending my retreat will transform your life and expand your boundaries to claim for yourself new territories of the mind and spirit. The caliber of information and feelings that you put into your mind will determine the quality of life you experience. I have created three and half amazing days of magic, mystery and ritual that will allow me to assist you in releasing your old fears, grudges, and anger and help you to discover your soul’s true purpose. You will benefit from the energy of the Sedona vortexes and truly expand your awareness! You will finally break free from old patterns that are holding you back from truly going for what you want in this life. YES!
The time is NOW. Take the leap and go for what you want in life! Stop thinking and perhaps regretting that life is passing you by. Join me please June 20- 23 in Sedona Arizona for the Magic, Mystery & Rituals Vision Quest!
Go here and check this out. This is only for a small group who want to leap to the next level in life!

Magic, Mystery and Ritual – A Vision Quest with Lee Milteer

Love and Magic to you Lee