6 Mindset Hacks for Summer Stress Relief

Today we’re going to talk about Mindset Hacks for Summer Stress Relief and how to not let it affect you so much.

Here’s the truth – it’s summer, it’s hot and some people’s tempers flare at this time of year. There may even be some jealousy creeping in that others have time off and we don’t and it doesn’t seem fair. Life is moving along at a faster pace than it ever has before.

THERE ARE REASONS WE HAVE STRESS! It’s how we COPE with the stress and defuse it that matters most.

Here are 6 Mindset Hacks for you to ensure success:

Mind Hack #1:

When you feel stress, start controlling your self-talk. Too much stress for too long leads to depression. When you find yourself saying, “I’m so stressed out,” “This is so tiring,” “This is so exhausting,” “I cannot do this all,” “This is not fair,” you’re going to get even MORE stressed out!

It’s time to change your self-talk. You need to start to realize that you’re not a victim. You have volunteered for some of this stress, so UN-volunteer from some of it. Life doesn’t have to be perfect. It never has been and never will be.

Some Declarations that are helpful are:

    • I am now calm and cool under all circumstances.
    • I am in control of my life; I now can let go and relax; I am in control of all my thoughts and actions; I am very effective and efficient in stressful situations.
  • I love and honor myself; I have a positive attitude that I can handle myself in all situations.
Mind Hack #2:

Remember that EXPECTATIONS ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL SUFFERING! If you’ve planned an event, launched a new product or service, hired new staff – then you already know things don’t happen exactly the way you want them or expect them to. That’s just part of life. The key is to prepare yourself and expect that there will be hiccups, problems, and challenges every day and then your stress goes down because you know those things are going to happen. That’s a REALISTIC point-of-view.

The key is to change your thinking to be solution-oriented when challenges arise. Say to yourself, “We will FIND the SOLUTION!”

Mind/Body Hack #3:

Another way to gain control over stress is to simply breathe deeply several times. When your heart is beating too fast because of your anxious feelings, controlled breathing slows your heart and allows you to feel in control again. Breathing is also an effective form of muscle relaxation.

Yoga and Meditation are fabulous remedies for a lot of stress. They help you focus on your breathing. This is a great thing because remember, your mind cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. When you’re focused on your breath – you aren’t focusing on the chaos happening around you. This allows you to start to relax.

Mind Hack #4:

It’s super-important to love yourself enough to learn the SKILL OF AWARENESS about what stresses you out and what you can do about it. One thing you can do is have self-imposed “pattern interrupts.” When you’re stressed out is not the time to make decisions. Take a few minutes to take a walk, listen to some relaxing music, play with your pet and kids for a few minutes.

Mind Hack #5:

To help you with becoming aware of what stresses you out try these:

  • What can I do to have a good day today in spite of reality?
  • What resources can I use today to get back to my normal positive-thinking self?
  • What friends can I share my problems with that will be a support system?
  • What areas of my life have I allowed myself to be a victim? What do I want to do differently in the future?
  • In what areas of my life do I demand that I be perfect?
  • In what areas of my life am I out of balance?
  • Am I trying to be all things to all people?
  • What parts of my life am I stuffing my feelings and not venting frustrations?
  • How can I not take myself so seriously?
  • One year from today, what will be funny about this situation or my behavior?
Mind Hack #6:

Give yourself permission to have some positive personal rewards, to appreciate yourself such as:

  • a massage;
  • pampering yourself with a good meal (with dessert);
  • a night out on the town;
  • a hot bubble bath and a glass of champagne;
  • playing Golf or tennis;
  • phoning someone you love to give you a lift;
  • a cleaning service to clean your home.
  • Anything that empowers you to feel like you are special!

Always keep in mind that bad days don’t last. This too shall pass.

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