Sometimes life becomes so demanding with pressures from work, family, home, and social life that we need the adult equivalent of Linus’s blanket from the Peanuts cartoon. Here are some tips for when you feel overwhelmed:

  1. Try to get to a place where you can be alone. Imagine yourself in your favorite place or a quiet, peace­ful location such as in a forest, on the top of a mountain or by the waterfront – a mental Shangri-La. Not only is this an excellent pattern interrupt but this type of imagery allows you to focus on something beautiful and emotionally re­warding. The University of Delaware has done studies proving that imagining a quiet natural scene in your mind will significantly reduce your stress.
  2. Another way to gain control over your emotions is to simply breathe deeply several times. When your heart is beating too fast because of your anxious feelings, controlled breathing slows your heart and allows you to feel in control again. Breathing is also an effective form of muscle re­laxation.
  3. Much of the stress we feel is a result of our own thoughts, so if we can think ourselves into a stressful state, we can think ourselves into re­laxation. Thoughts that are relaxed make our muscles relax. Controlling your self-talk will in­struct your mind to feel better and ease away the pressures of the demanding world. Some Declarations that are helpful are:I am now calm and cool under all circumstances.
      • I am now calm and cool under all circumstances.
      • I am in control of my life. I now can let go and relax.
      • I am in control of all my thoughts and actions.
      • I am very effective and efficient in stressful situ­ations.
      • I love and honor myself.
      • I have a positive attitude that I can handle my­self in all situations.

4. Give yourself permission to appreciate yourself by having some positive personal rewards, such as a massage; pampering yourself with a salon treatment, manicure, facial; a good meal (with dessert); a night out on the town; a hot bubble bath and a glass of champagne; phoning some­one you love to give you a lift; a cleaning ser­vice to clean your home. High end chocolate! Anything that empowers you to feel like you are special!  And the truth is you are special – you are a one-of-a-kind unique human being.  Al­ways keep in mind that bad days don’t last. This too shall pass. Empower yourself not to let your state of mind control you – you always con­trol your emotions with your thoughts.


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