3 Easy Ways You can Take Back Your Personal Power

1. Mindset

Man’s power lies in his power of thought.  To take back your personal power, you have to have the

right MINDSET.

When you can control your mind, you have personal power to control your life:

  • Single-Minded Mindset quest for your goals.
  • An Optimistic Mindset to help you accept failures and learn from them.
  • An Open-minded Mindset to see and use new opportunities that emerge.
  • An Adaptable Mindset to learn and grow with all your aspirations.

2. Self Talk

Are you aware of your internal and external self-talk going on in your mind?

If you think you can or think you cannot, YOU are Correct!

Keep tabs on what you are saying to yourself, so you can remove any self-talk sabotage. Remove words that sabotage you:  Trying, Wanting and Needing these words put you in a victim mentality.

On an average day when you turn on your radio, television, or read your newspaper you get a gloom and doom diet of world events.

We have to have a grasp of what is going on in the world. However, there comes a point when all of this negative news is detrimental to your well-being, mood and future outlook.

3. Your Creative Life Energy 

It is time to have some discernment for the caliber of information that you allow to go into your brain.  Use your creative life energy to manifest personal power, do not let it be drained by worry and fear.

I challenge you to engage in a very drastic measure. Instead of exposing yourself to outside programming that creates fear, doubt, and hopelessness, substitute that with positive, educational, or inspiring information.

Take Back Your Personal Power with this 21 days Challenge:

  • Stop reading your newspaper
  • Give up the radio and television news
  • Begin your day with something that inspires you, motivates you, and sets the tone for a positive day.

My Personal 21 Days Challenge:

I will admit the first couple of days I used this challenge,

First week, I had symptoms of withdrawal.

Second week, I started waking up feeling more excited and optimistic my day. I found that substituting inspirational reading material actually with strategies for fulfilling my goals.

Instead of depleting my energy first thing in the morning, i was charging myself up with empowering information. That is a great way to take back your power.

Wanda Newman, in Las Vegas, Nevada asked: “I have twins who just turned 7. Our family watches the news while we eat dinner and as a parent I want them to be informed about the world but lately I’ve noticed they are more and more fearful about life. Should I be letting my kids watch the news?”

Here’s the answer, No.

As a parent you have to be aware of your children’s long term emotional health if you allow the news to be played in their presence.

Kids today are growing up in a totally different world than we grew up in. They’re dealing with adult subjects much younger and often these younger children aren’t emotionally prepared to deal with these realities. They’re picking up information you don’t even know they’re listening to which in many cases becomes a source of fear for them.

You might notice your kids don’t do what you tell them to do but they emulate you so if you’re a person who is positive, who looks for solutions then that’s the kind of person they’re going to become.

If you’re a fearful, doubtful, worried kind of person then that’s who they’re going to become.

The information that you digest each day affects both you and your kids, but especially the kids. Instead of watching TV and the news, why not have more family time at night where you can play games, read to the kids, and actually have conversations.

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