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Lee Milteer interviews Dan Kennedy

It’s important that we program our minds to our desired outcome, which is wealth. I interviewed the king of knowing how to create wealth out of thin air, my friend and treasured mentor, Dan Kennedy. Dan’s message is URGENT for all of us because the News Media is poisoning our minds daily in every way possible that we cannot be successful and profitable. You have to be in the right state of mind to see opportunities and not fall into the old, negative habits of allowing others to put information about reality into your head that holds you back from the wealth you so richly deserve.

Our expert guest, Dan Kennedy, was a perfect reminder that wealth is created by deliberate choice and not by simple luck of the draw; everyone experiences tough challenges. If success were easy everyone would be successful! While Dan and I were on the call I asked him the question, why is discomfort necessary to achieve great success?

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